Born 1971, Silver Spring, Maryland, USA

BFA, University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland, USA

Paul Weil is an artist based in New York who focuses on painting, illustration, and rock music whose ideas arise from disparate inspiration including metaphysical naturalism, collective actualization, memes, mirages, simultaneity, anthropology, role playing, symbology, cyclic history, and faith in the futility of attempting to separate oneself from Universal singularity.

The Weather Diaries, CODA Museum, Apeldoorn, Netherlands, 2016
Duplicate. Until Response., Hooloon Gallery, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 2015
The Weather Diaries, Museum Angewandte Kunst Frankfurt, Germany, 2014
Initial Public Offering, Present Company, Brooklyn, New York, 2013
All Aboard Future, Secret Project Robot, Brooklyn, New York, 2009
NY2NO School at Blair Grocery Art Auction, ABC No Rio, New York, New York, 2008
Screams & Screens, Civilian Art Projects, Washington, DC, 2008
Opnunar Party, Smeklessa, Reykjavik, Iceland, 2006
Two for the Seesaw, Branch Gallery, Durham, North Carolina, 2005
We Could Be Heroes, Transformer Gallery, Washington, DC, 2005
Masters at Play, District of Columbia Arts Center, Washington, DC, 1999
Spring Collection, MOCA, Washington, DC, 1999
Big America, LIPA Gallery, Washington, DC, 1999

Lynchburg College Art Gallery, USA

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Building a Better Robot: 10 Years of the Mr. Roboto Project,
Seroiusly by Erez Sabag, Erez Sabag Photography

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The Fader, Number 21 (New York)

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